Pupil Safeguarding

Child Protection Officer

Mr Clive Condon

Deputy Child Protection Officers

Mrs Sandra Bryant

Mrs Anna Shiels

Child Protection Governor

Mr Gary Evans & Mr Tom Bean


Child Protection/Safeguarding

The school takes its role in promoting child protection very seriously. The designated child protection officer for the school is Mr Condon, or if he is not available Mrs Bryant or Mrs Shiels, although we operate a policy that child protection is everybody’s responsibility.

Any concerns about a child’s welfare should be brought to Mr Condon, or if he is not available Mrs Bryant or Mrs Shiels, attention as soon as possible.

The school will undertake its duty to involve social services if it feels that child may be at risk. This is done with the goal of involving specialist help to support a child/family who may be having difficulties, not to develop a culture of apportioning blame or creating additional difficulties.

We believe that in the case of child safety we would rather be safe than sorry, we would rather make a referral and find out that everything is ok than to not act and a child to suffer in some way.

We understand that this is a sensitive issue, it will be dealt with in a sensitive manner and we are happy to discuss any of these points with you.


Child Protection is Everybody’s business – if you have any concerns then please speak to one of the people above.