Parenting advice and tips

Being a parent is not easy.

Please see the documents below that may be of some help to you. The documents are divided into three sections.

General tips- that cover a range of problems and topics

Baby and pre-school age children tips

Coping with anxiety


General Tips

Behaviour – ‘Give it Time’ – Tips for guiding children’s behaviour

Behaviour – Take time to think about how you respond to unwanted or problem behaviour

Behaviour – Using consequences (suitable for 3-7)

Behaviour – Using Reward Charts

Covid 19 – stay-home-stay-positive-10-top-tips

Creating a balance between ‘Family Time’ and ‘Screen Time’

Creating a Parenting Plan – Co-Parenting

Helping children deal with bereavement

How to give instructions more effectively (suitable for 2-7)

Keeping your child safe from abuse (suitable for 5-11)

Make time to look after yourself and manage stress

Parenting Styles – What kind of Mum or Dad are you

Parents who work away advice


Speech and Language Parent Pack

Support children to learn to share

Supporting your children when a parent goes to prison

Tips for coping with Christmas

Work–family balancing act

101 ways to praise



Baby and pre-school age children tips

Baby Your baby 1-6 months

Baby Your baby 7-12 months

Baby Your baby in the first month (new born)

Bath time (suitable birth to age 3)

Bed Wetting (suitable from 3 years)

Bedtime (suitable for 3-5)

Biting (suitable 6 months to 3 years)

Child Your child 3-5 years

Crying coping with a crying baby

Crying coping with a crying toddler

Mealtimes (suitable for 1-5)

Support Children to Prepare for School or Nursery

Supporting children to make friends


Toddler Your toddler 1-2 years

Todler Your toddler 2-3 years

Toilet or potty training (suitable from 2 years)

Tooth brushing tips (suitable 6 months to 5 years)

Understanding why your child’s brain is so amazing!

Using time out (suitable for 3 years and over)


Coping with anxiety

8 Yoga Poses for Stress Relief For Kids

ABC Mistakes with a Growth Mindset

ABCs Growth Mind Set

Tired of Being Tired

5 Things I Wish People Knew About My Anxiety

8 Ways A Child’s Anxiety Shows Up as Something Else