Literacy –Cross Curriculum

Competence in literacy, is essential for learning across the curriculum, not least because of the fundamental role of language in thinking.  We will use the guidance provided by the National Literacy and Numeracy Framework to ensure a thorough and comprehensive approach to the teaching of Literacy Skills at the appropriate developmental stage for the pupils in our school.

The key to developing a command of literacy skills lies in giving our pupils a sound understanding of their essential components. We will create this by delivering teaching and learning tailored to the needs and abilities of our pupils through rich classroom activities and contexts which reinforce, extend and apply literacy skills.

Without this, as one contributor remarked, ‘There is a real danger that we are teaching the mechanics of writing but giving the children nothing to write about’.

We will give our pupils every opportunity to explain thinking, explore and discuss ideas and use language skills at an appropriate level, throughout all aspects of the school curriculum and in all activities that they take part in during the school day.


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